Our Story

In the whirlwind of 2020, our family, like yours, faced unprecedented challenges. Life took a new direction, and we had to adapt.  Fast forward a year later after countless Zoom sessions, my eight & ten-year old kids returned to school, masks and all. Yet, behind those masks emerged a new challenge - "maskne," breakouts from wearing masks all day.

The quest began - a search for products tailored to tweens who had outgrown the "baby" stuff but weren't quite ready for harsh anti-acne treatments. Having grown up in Korea, where a skincare routine is a must-have, I felt compelled to teach my kids about both skin and self-care. An idea was born - Be-Tween, a range of skincare products that are not just effective but also fun and gentle for everyday use.

Rooted in Tradition, Inspired by Confidence

The importance of skincare was instilled in me by my own mom. Passing down this tradition became not just a legacy but a symbol of love for my own children. Also, as someone working in the beauty industry, I understand the impact it can has on the younger generation, especially the girls. Be-Tween isn't just about skincare; it's a positive brand, a confidence booster for our children.

My children have inspired me to create a brand that embraces the essence of being a tween and owning the awkward, not-so-fun years. Be-Tween is my love letter to them - a way of saying, "I love you. Be confidently you."

Join the Be-Tween Family

To all fellow tween parents out there, we're in this together. Be-Tween promises to be a positive force, dedicated to bringing joy and confidence to all tweens. Join us on this inspiring journey, where every skincare routine is a celebration of love, self-care, and the unique beauty that defines tweenhood. Together, let's make tweenhood a confident, joyful, and beautiful experience for every child.

Founder, Be-Tween

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