Meet simple, effective, and fun skin care for tweens

Skincare for tweens doesn't need to be overly complicated. Be-Tween's simple and gentle products are designed to address their needs without overwhelming them.

Aloe cleansing ball

Step 1


To create a daily skincare routine of washing your tween's face 2x a day, the Aloe Cleansing Ball face cleanser creates a fun (yet clean!) experience with its squishy, jelly-like texture.

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Step 2


After cleansing your face with Aloe Cleansing Ball, apply moisturizer for a smooth, hydrated skin.

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Treat Yourself

Mix, apply, & peel off

Give yourself a much needed self-care with our fun Aloe Mask. Mix equal parts powder & water, apply, wait 20-25 min, and peel off. Remove excess mask from face with a warm towel for a refreshed skin.

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Our Story

Our story involves tweens coming to age, Korean skin care, and introducing the "fun" in a skin care routine.

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