Surprising moms everywhere: My tweens now want to wash their faces!

aloe cleansing ball

Let's be honest. Convincing a tween to wash their face can feel like an uphill battle. I've been there, and that's why I was inspired to create something that would make the mundane task a little bit more fun - enter Be-Tween aloe cleansing ball! With its gentle and effective formula, the aloe cleansing ball hydrates and protects, leaving the outer layer of the skin refreshed and nourished. And it's fun to use with its jelly-like texture! It's a win-win; tweens love them and moms love their kids' newfound enthusiasm for skincare❤️

-Namhee, Founder of Be-Tween

Why the Aloe Cleansing Ball?

🌱 Gentle Cleansing: Formulated with gentle ingredients, our face cleanser ensures that it's gentle on your tween's skin and provides effective cleansing without harshness.
💧 Hydrate the Outer Layer of the Skin: It provides moisture to dry skin and protects the skin barrier; keeping it healthy and resilient.
🌼 Encourage Daily Use:
Basic skincare routine begins with cleansing and the Aloe Cleansing
Ball face cleanser makes it fun for tweens to wash their faces twice a
🐰 Not Tested on Animals

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